About FWF

FWF is a feminist organization with community and collaboration at our core.
We have no formal membership and our events are free of charge. Our events are open to people of all genders, across ages, social groups, and the political spectrum. In terms of younger attendees, those aged 11+ are generally always welcome; we will include a content note in event listings if there’s a more adult theme. You are always welcome to bring babies with you.

We hold evening discussions of our interests, work, passions, and experiences. We also support and publicize other events under the FWF umbrella – meet-ups, book discussions, walks, games nights, meals – and encourage you to get involved in organizing these. The Forum is run by Katy Lockey and Catherine Sangster, with the help of an informal committee which all are welcome to join. If you would like to help out or propose an event, please share your idea with us!


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