Take Up Space 2023

We are making a festival that invites local women and allies into a sensitively curated programme of joyful resistance. A couple of days to mark International Women’s Day, where we acknowledge all that is happening in our world and lives as women that feels overwhelming, yet trust that when we come together meaningful connections are made.

Emerging from the communities that grew around the previous WOW festivals, Women Rise and the most recent Take Up Space in 2020, the 2023 festival is a welcome opportunity for women across Folkestone to come together again in solidarity.

With all of us living within systems that only value the economically productive, under the urgent burden of the rising cost of living, we want to use this year’s festival to build community by making creative spaces that are incubators of nurture where we can come together to grow our genuine, grassroots feminist community.
With local artists, activists, makers and thinkers showcasing themes and messages that inspire women and challenge patriarchal norms, whether you are looking for
some chilled-out creativity, a chance to explore your rage and frustration, or dig into the writings of women of colour, dance your boots off, or just hanging out eating fine vegan street food in the Clearing – we have something for you!

Culminating in a night of live music to go wild to curated by Folkestone’s own RIOT GULLL:
Come & Take Up Space!

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