Take Up Space Festival

Our Supporting Web Page made for Arts Council England application to fund Take Up Space Festival 2023


a film made about the last Take Up Space Festival

Audience feedback

Documentary images

Excerpts from our self-evaluation

Take up Space 2020

Film highlights from Take Up Space Festival 2020

“This festival had made me feel united with other women and optimistic for change”

Link to 2020’s full Take Up Space Programme

We considered the inaugural Take Up Space 2020 our ‘calling in’ year:  all our activity was focused on ‘calling in’ women to join and be welcomed into community.  We centred diversity, with women of colour at the forefront of our marketing and headline programming.

We had 4 community projects, 31 events, a Pop Up Café and a Pop Up shop.  We were able to invest the development of work with an artist residency and had a resident poet making new work to perform. This was large increase in what we had originally planned, we had such a huge response to our open call and community engagement activities. 

We had a total in person engagement figure of 933, and online reach to 53,000+ across platforms.  We were pleased to record that we had many people engaging and attending who had never engaged with International Women’s day activities in Folkestone before. 

“I’ve noticed IWD for the first time ever!”

“I feel excited empowered and inspired, it all feels very inclusive”

“I can’t believe this is happening and its free, what an amazing thing (Take Up Space) to happen in Folkestone.  We are so lucky”

“Felt part of a diverse community”

“Great age diversity, great to spend time with strong women, empowering”

“(Take Up Space) has exposed me to more of the world and cultures around me that I otherwise wouldn’t know existed”

“Open conversations, no judgements”

“I cried when they (Big Joanie) read out their manifesto!  Feminism for everyone! “


“Thank you for making your Women’s day events trans inclusive, I have never come before because I thought I wouldn’t be welcome”

“Another side of Folkestone, Queer and accepting”

“Transformational afternoon”

“Made me feel emotional. I feel connected to the sisterhood”

“Absolutely brilliant festival, Honestly, so professional, introduced me to so many new talented women. I absolutely adored every single event I attended, and I wish I could have gone to them all”

Link to full Gallery of Take Up Space Images https://folkestonewomensforum.wordpress.com/gallery/


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